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The reality is that people usually reach out to an attorney because they are scared and facing a very serious issue that needs immediate assistance. Our promise to all of our clients is to treat each one of you with patience, respect, and help walk alongside all the circumstances surrounding the issues that brought you into Askander Law Firm, P.C. Our goal is to provide premier legal services at a reasonable price to “Protect Your Home. Protect Your Business. Protect Your Legacy” so that you have nothing but positive reviews about Askander Law Firm, P.C.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning, by using a Living Trust as the centerpiece, is the best way to make sure you leave your hard-earned assets and treasured possessions to those dearest to you while avoiding the probate process. A well-drafted estate plan will account for all of your needs and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Family Law

Family law is often a very painful and excruciating process, and while parties are dealing with the emotional impacts of their marriage, they often overlook or rush to decide long-term considerations such as property, finances, and ongoing parenting arrangements. At Askander Law Firm, P.C. we will walk alongside you and be a resource and advocate for one of the most challenging periods of your life.

Business Law

Small business is the heartbeat of America and the cornerstone of the American dream. And like many in the immigrant and first-generation American community, we pride ourselves on a tradition of service, honesty, and hard work. At Askander Law Firm, P.C., we desire to walk alongside small business owners and offer the advice, counsel, guidance for all their business-related needs.

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“Wow, were we completely impressed to Mr. Askander. New to California, we needed to draw up a will and ended up learning so very much about our options in regards to our estate. Mr. Askander knows how to explain all the legalities behind estate law to the average person. All jargon was removed and he was completely professional in making sure we understood each piece of the process. Everything was done concisely, professionally, and quickly. There was no such thing as a “dumb” question. By the end of the process, we felt like we were dealing with a friend and not an attorney. I would recommend Mr. Askander to anyone out there looking to draw up a Will or Living Trust. You will feel taken care of, and that is the best way to feel when ensuring your family is in good hands if anything were to happen to you.”


“I have put off for years doing an estate plan will and all the other documents associate. I met David when I attended a Church function. I found him extremely professional, knowledgeable, and yet very compassionate. He took as much time as needed to help me understand what I was doing. I would highly recommend David for all your estate planning needs.”


“Askander Law has been handling my divorce. David is not only a very organized, prepared, and skilled attorney. He is a man that cares about your family and will work out the best outcome for you that he can. I trust in him and everyone else I’ve worked with at Askander Law attorneys. Divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my life and I’m glad I have someone that cares on my side.”


“David has been amazing! He helped me during one of the most stressful times of my life. He and the firm made sure that everything is submitted on time. He fought hard for the case and delivered an amazing result! Highly recommended for your legal needs!”


“Mr. Askander knows what he’s doing and gave me an honest assessment of my case. He was happy to explain his strategy, every step of the way. Mr. Askander was patient and I was able to make choices about the paths we took. Smart, honest, and highly competent representation. Should I need legal assistance in the future, I won’t hesitate to contact him.”


“I have consulted with Mr. Askander in several cases. He is the hardest working attorney I have ever met. He is smart and will go the extra mile to help her clients. He treats everyone like they are the priority which is exactly what you need. He listens to what you are saying and works to resolve the case the best she can for the client. No cutting corners with Mr. Askander. I highly recommend him.”

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